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Ramadan Specials

Ramadan Specials
Vicks Vapo Lozenges Berry Menthol soothes a sore throat. It also relieves a bad cough and clears a blocked nose.It gives relief to dry coughs associated with colds and flu. The product has a refreshing berry menthol flavor. It helps let your voice be heard loud and clear.
Berocca Performance Orange 30 Effervescent Tablets is a daily multivitamin that supports mental performance and physical well-being throughout the day. It helps reduce stress and fatigue, and improves concentration. It is also free of artificial stimulants.
Berocca Boost 30s gives you a boost in energy when you need it most. It contains guarana and a special selection of B vitamins and minerals to energise your system and give you a kick.
CrampEze Night 30's replenishes essential salts to remedy night-time muscle cramps caused by electrolyte imbalance. The stimulant-free formula has added chamomile to help you get a good night’s rest