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Immune Boosters & Multivitamins

Royal Hharmacy Immune Boosters & Multivitamins collection
royal pharmacy Immune Boosters & Multivitamins collection
Adco - Mayogel 200ml formulated to help with the relief of indigestion and heartburn. Contains no sugar.
Combining zinc with vitamin C helps your body absorb the vitamin and magnifies the benefits. Support the immune system to reduce your risk of various diseases, such as heart disease and strokes. Taking these two nutrients together gives a joint boost to your immune system. Vitamin C and zinc are both immune-supportive. The difference is that Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and zinc is a mineral with antioxidant properties.
Turbovite Excel 20 sachets&nbsp Provides physical energy , antioxidant support  increased mental concentration , improved stamina
Viralmed Vita-G Effervescent 10 Tablets is an immune health support supplement that combines the benefits of maximum strength Vitamin C (1000mg) and ginger root extract with a powerful hit of real ginger flavour in each dose.
DS-24 Vegi Multivitamin and Mineral Daily Supplement 30's is a daily supplement formulated with 24 micronutrients. It is completely free of gelatin and animal products, which makes it perfect for vegans.
A. Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Powder 10 Sachets is an organic multi-nutrient powder that helps to maintain the optimal mineral and acid-base balance in the body. Made with organic plant calcium and vitamin C.
ActivoVite Complete Multivitamin & Mineral 30 Caplets provides you with a nutritious supply of multivitamins and minerals and also offers a healthy boost to the immune system.
MENACAL-7 90 TABS Bone Support Health Supplement 90 Tablets supports optimal bone health with its blend of calcium, and vitamins D3 and K2 to aid calcium absorption.
Vitamin B-Co Syrup 100ml B. CO is a multivitamin supplement for children that contributes to normal growth, development and tissue formation. B. CO is a factor in the maintenance of good health.
Tibb Pressure-Eeze Hypertension 60 tablets may assist in the management of mild to moderate hypertension.
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Tibb Septoguard Syrup 100ml Used for Upper respiratory tract infections, lower respiratory tract infections, ear, nose, and throat infections, urinary tract infections, sore throat, cough relief as well as resistance to antibiotic therapy, skin and soft tissue infections, and inflammation and allergic disorders of the upper respiratory tract.
Femular 30s relieve a range of menopause symptoms, including hot flushes, night sweats, irritability, mild anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, and joint pain.
Antistax 30s help maintain healthy leg circulation and relieve tired, heavy and aching legs.
Tibb Piloherb 60s educe congestion in the liver and have anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties that reduce infection, inflammation and promote healing of piles and varicose veins.
Crampeze Oral Spray 2-3 pumps of liquid into your mouth under your tongue at the onset of cramps or use together with CrampEase capsules
CrampEze 60's Replaces essential salts that assist in easing muscle cramps. It also contains anti-inflammatory agents such as pentamidine and is sugar-free.
A.Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Powder Mango 105g comes with a delicious flavour and helps to maintain the body’s acid/alkaline balance, which, in turn, helps with general well-being.
A.Vogel Menoforce Supportive treatment of menopausal syndrome, hot flushes & night sweats.Has no effect on oestrogen levels or pathways Convenient one-a-day tablet
A.Vogel Boldocynara Drops 50ml is a phytotherapeutic medicine that assists in promoting the function of the liver and the gall bladder.
A.Vogel Echinaforce Drops 50ml herbal remedy helps to prevent and treat colds, flu and other respiratory tract infections, as well as sore throats and mild lower urinary tract conditions.
Calmettes Nite Calmative 25 Tablets is specially formulated with plant-based ingredients to help with temporary difficulty in falling asleep.
Cal-C-Vita Vitamin C Plus Orange 30 Effervescent Tablets provides you with 1000 mg of Vitamin C combined with other vitamins and minerals for those demanding times, especially before or during seasonal changes.
DS-24 Multivitamin and Mineral Daily Supplement 60’s contains 24 micronutrients to help strengthen the body's natural systems. Made without preservatives and flavourants.
Chela Fer Syrup 60ml This iron amino acid chelate is a supplement which is formulated to utilise amino acids as carriers for the iron molecules so as to increase absorption of the body.
Chela Fer Syrup 150ml This iron amino acid chelate is a supplement which is formulated to utilise amino acids as carriers for the iron molecules so as to increase absorption of the body.
MNI RhyCol 60 Tablets contains a special formulation of barberry root extract, apple polyphenols and phytosterols, and helps to stabilise blood cholesterol levels.
MenaCal 7 Calcium Supplement 30 Tablets comes with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 ensure optimal bone health.
Centrum High-potency Multivitamin Supplement (30 Tablets) is a complete, powerful multivitamin and multimineral supplement that contains 26 essential nutrients and vitamins. It can be taken every day to support the body's health needs and supplement nutrition. Give your body the best thanks to the number 1 vitamin brand in South Africa. Suitable for diabetics. GMO free.
Plusssz Lemon-Orange Multivitamin Cold & Flu 10 Effervescent Tablets assist in combating conditions and symptoms associated with colds and flu
Acti-C Immune Booster Orange 20s Assists in the support of the immune system, helping the body to fight infections such as the cold and flu.
Unlimited Vitamin D Tablets 60's The Vitamin D tablets are a great way to supplement your diet with an important vitamin for healthy skin, bones, and teeth.
My Health Pregnancy Vitamins 30’S Comprehensive Pregnancy Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Complex Comprehensive multivitamin specially formulated to meet the increased demand for micronutrients during and after pregnancy.
A Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Powder 225g with natural mango flavour is a naturally cleansing and alkalising homeopathic medicine.
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