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Royal Pharmacy Stomach Collection
Citro Soda Granules 120g is a granular effervescent urinary alkaliniser and gastric antacid that comes in 30x 4g sachets that comes in 30 X 4g sachets. It provides relief for heartburn, indigestion and other acid related problems.
Hydrolec RTD 200ml is an oral rehydration solution to replace electrolytes and fluids lost as a result of dehydration.
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Duphalac Syrup 200ml helps to naturally restore your intestinal balance. It contains no preservatives
Pectin-K 100ml suspension is used for symptomatic relief of non-infective diarrhoea. Pectin-K Suspension works by: • Binding substances in the intestine   Contains: Kaolin Light 3g, Apple Pectin 0.22g  • Available in a smooth butterscotch flavoured suspension  • Can be used by the whole family
Senax Senna Tablets 13,5mg 20s Natural laxative for effective relief of constipation
Senax Senna Tablets 8,6mg 20s Natural laxative for effective relief of constipation
Dulcolax® Laxative Suppositories for Children (5 mg) is specially formulated for younger bodies and aids with the relief of occasional constipation.
Soflax Sennoside 20 Tablets contains natural senna extract to help with the gentle, yet effective relief of constipation and irregularities.
Soflax Sennoside 200 Tablets is specially formulated to help with the relief of occasional constipation and to soothe bowel irregularity.
Dulcolax 10 mg Suppositories (Adults) 10's.For the relief of occasional constipation. Dulcolax is a laxative that acts by one or more actions on the colonic mucosa to produce effective peristalsis and evacuation of the bowel.