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Vigor X Plus 3's

R 40.00

VIGOR-X PLUS are designed from ancient sexual herbal formulas. The blending of pure herbal extracts that are designed to replenish and invigorate your sexual drive and sexual performance for maximum sexual pleasure.

VIGOR-X has the function of tonifying the kidneys and strengthening your sexual performance and promoting stamina. VIGOR-X is suitable for assisting the treatment of sexual impotency and premature ejaculation. Vigor X is a tried and trusted product.

Benefits :

Men with Mild to Medium ED should take 2 capsules first. If you do not achieve the results you expected with 2 capsules, try 3. Men with severe ED would normally take 3 capsules.

Ingredients : Cuscuta Chinenses 25mg, Lycium Barbarum 25mg, Schisandra Chinensis 25mg Schisandra Chinensis 25mg, Panax Quinquefolia 40mg, Cistanche Deserticola 40mg, Dimocarpus Longan 15mg, Epimedium Brevicornum 70mg, Pilose Antler 40mg

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