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NPL Hyper Pump Watermelon Candy 500g

R 420.00

NPL Hyper Pump Watermelon Candy Hybrid Pre-Workout is clinically dosed with scientifically proven ingredients that will maximize workout performance and produce results! Athletes understand that in order to demolish boundaries and gain that competitive edge, you need a pre-workout that delivers a 5-factor potential that includes explosive power, strength, energy, mental focus and endurance.

Hyper Pump delivers a 2:1 ratio of AAKG/L-Ornithine Amino Acid in a precise therapeutic dose to increase Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone (HGH) is the most anabolic substance made by the human body and is crucial to improving athletic performance.

HGH is prolific in injury repair and is also responsible for utilizing body fat for energy. The precision combination of ingredients found in Hyper Pump will prepare your body both physiologically and psychologically by enhancing the mind-body connection, keeping you training stronger for longer.


- Extreme Muscle Pumps
- Muscle Strength and Endurance
- Enhanced Mental Focus
- 5 Stage Ignition Serum
- 7500mg Nitro HGH/IGF1 Complex
- 6600mg Strength, Performance and Recovery Matrix
- 6610mg MEGA PUMP Complex
- 630mg Energy and Mental Focus Support
- 600mg Electrolytes and Lactic Acid Complex

Recommended use:

Mix 1 level scoop (25g) with 300ml of cold water and consume 15-20 minutes before training. Individuals sensitive to stimulants should start off by using half a scoop. Do not exceed more than 3 scoops within a 24-hour period.

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