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Ensure Nutritional Supplement Strawberry 400g

R 185.00

Ensure® Nutritional Supplement Strawberry 400g is a clinically proven nutritional supplement containing essential nutrients to help support and improve muscle strength. It is a unique system of ingredients including Acti-HMB, protein, calcium and vitamin D. Ensure® Gold can be used as an everyday meal replacement shake. This supplement is free of gluten and is suitable for individuals with lactose sensitivity. Not for use in galactosaemia. Helps improve strength in 8 weeks¹. ¹When taken twice per day with light exercise.

Detailed Description:
Ensure® is a great breakfast, lunch, or diner replacement or a delicious between-meal snack. Source of 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Source of calcium and protein. Source of Omega 3. Containing prebiotics assisting to aid good gut health. Drinking an Ensure® shake assists in fulfilling your daily essential nutritional needs.

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