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The importance of exercise and healthy lifestyle

The importance of exercise and healthy lifestyle

We live in an ever changing world that is always busy. We are chasing careers, building families, pursuing dreams and trying to take care of everyone but ourselves not even your body. How do we take care of the body? The answer is exercise. Where do I start? By leaving the sedentary lifestyle and adopting a healthy lifestyle through exercise, eating well and taking care of your mental health.

Exercise helps improve your mental health, reduce risk of chronic diseases, strengthen muscles and joints. Exercise helps you function with everyday life, work, activities and tasks. Exercise helps reduce stress levels, improve mood and helps improve sleep. Exercise helps with weight management and maintaining a good healthy body.

It is important to understand that eating healthy goes hand-in-hand with exercise, you are what you eat. Eating well helps with weight management and reduces chances of high cholesterol, helps reduce chronic conditions and inherited conditions. Good nutrition and a well balanced diet help you get vitamins and minerals from food to help with bodily functions and maintaining your body.

Exercise doesn’t discriminate, it is for everyone, old, young, small, big, all shapes, size and ethnicity. Different people, with different goals, just enthusiastic about a transformative journey that will eventually become a lifestyle.

Credit: OPTICAFIT founded by Luthando Phopho (Personal trainer). WhatsApp: 0796082161.